Wednesday, May 18

Oh hi!

So, this is new... I have no idea what I'm doing, is it obvious!?

Well today at least, I know what I am doing, Sketching, planning and writing..... and drinking tea! 

I am completely new to blogging, I do love to write but I've never considered publishing it online, I mean who is gonna read this!?

Anyway *slurps tea* I am Abigail (Pleeeeeeease call me Abi) and I am an illustrator and watercolour artist in the UK. It rains alot here.... I love to do food illustrations and silly little characters I create, I also adore childrens book illustrating as well as editorial work. I love to work basically!

I am also 6 Months pregnant with my Son (I dont have red hair, she is an illustration NOT a self portrait) And loving every single second of it! I live with my partner and his two daughters in a pretty little village in the South East of the UK along with our Jack Russell and House Rabbit. 

I spend my days sketching, painting, chuckling to myself at the inner dialogue I have just given one of my illustrations (I crack myself up) and drinking tea. Copious amounts of tea. All day.

Anyhoo..... I need to put the kettle on. It was great talking to you mysterious ether! Ciao!!

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