Monday, May 30

This last week has been the dogs..... Lots and lots of dogs!

Currently, one of the projects on my desk is a clients childrens book illustrations, 11 gorgeous pooches and the story that brings them to me. It is such a sweet story! Sadly not one I can share fully right now but as and when, brace your hearts for lots of "Aaaaaaw"

One of the illustrations in particular struck a chord with me, a rough collie tucked up in bed with her humans, sleeping soundly and smiling dreamily, I adore the concept of this image, and the added challenge of painting two sets of tootsies of a different age! It might not sound a struggle but to make one pair of feet look younger than the other (not just by making them smaller) is actually REALLY hard!

I've still got a few more of these adorable hounds to paint and then its scanning central and editingville here for me! I absolutely adore this work and the variety of characters (fictional and real) I get to "meet". Being me rocks!

Over and Out! 

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