Tuesday, June 7

Fairytale land

This week (among two other projects) is primarily Fairytale Land! And I am having a blast! Having been contacted by the writers of a book, which by the way, is epic, I have commenced on a mammoth 22 illustration journey plus cover art..... Not a giant project but big enough when working alongside two other books and being nearlly 7 months pregnant!

There are so many factors to this project that are making it so enjoyabe, mainly getting to kow the characters I am creating visually, they already exist in writing, which some might say makes the illustration harder but thankfully the book is so well written that with my imagination being as vast and fast moving as it is, I could instantly see what each and every single character would look like, in a miriad of scenarios!

I might only be a few pages in to this awesome book but I am already totally in love with it and really enjoying being challenged in certain aspects of my illustrative style (hands are not my strong suit) but learning to adapt and in places, quickly improve, is all part of the journey! It helps when you have such open and supportive clients too, Jay and Ana are a wonderful team and really easy to communicate with, I am aware (from some harsh experience) that I am very lucky to be working with such a great writing team!

Check back soon to see more from this wonderful ride and where it might take me next!



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